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15 January 2014
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Dear friends

We hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

Now it's back to work, and what a few months we have ahead of us.

See below.

Polly Higgins - Eradicating Ecocide: How Law Can Save the World

We invite you to join us on 11 February to hear a keynote address from international lawyer and author, Polly Higgins.

In 2010 Polly Higgins proposed to the United Nations a law that will create a legal duty of care on all nations to prevent loss and damage to the planet on a global scale.

By criminalising mass damage, destruction to or loss of ecosystems, governments and the flow of finance shall all be given the choice: change or be held to account.

This event will take place in the Great Hall at Queen's University from 7pm. It is being run in partnership with Queen's School of Law, and will be hosted by BBC presenter William Crawley.

Places are limited so book now at

There is no set price for tickets, but we suggest a donation of around £5 per person. 


Join the Energy Democrats

On 12 November last year we held a conference at Stormont entitled, Energy Democracy - The Power to Choose; the Right to Refuse.

Bringing together both those who are opposing extreme energy developments with those who are eager to start a low-carbon, community energy revolution, we began the conversation of how we are going to shift the energy paradigm in Northern Ireland to benefit all.

We hope to host an all day seminar by the end of February, and would like you join us in this movement.

If you would like to be on our Energy Democracy directory, please email me with your email address, phone number, hometown, and your particular interest in the subject.

We email everyone in CC messages, so you please supply an email address that you are happy for others to see.

A child looking at a wall which has the words Tide Wind Sun on it

Who funds you, Mr Adams?

Before Christmas we asked you to email the leaders of the political parties in Northern Ireland, and ask them to voluntarily name their major donors.

In an act of the most brazenly disingenuous spin, Gerry Adams has been replying to those who took this action, deflecting criticism onto the Alliance party, one of only two parties in Northern Ireland who actually name their donors.

There isn't room here to explain just how audacious and misleading this was, but you can read all about it here.

If you would like to help us deluge Mr Adams with demands to know who his party's secret donors are, why not tweet @GerryAdamsSF with a simple #whopullsthestrings

image of puppet reaching for money

Ask Cameron to Say No to Fracking

So much for, "the greenest government ever," now it's more a case of "get rid of all the green crap."

David Cameron is so desperate to frack the hell out of our country that he is effectively bribing local councils to accept it in their areas.

Please remind him of his commitment to the planet by taking our e-action.

While you're at it, why not join the Energy Democrats (see above) and help us create the alternative to fracking for Northern Ireland?

David Cameron talking to ex-Director of Friends of the Earth, Tony Juniper

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