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Hot off the presses


Save bees by meeting your MP

18 Aug, 2017 (PDF) 404.92 KB

Your MP can play a vital role in reversing bee decline by banning bee-harming pesticides for good, and making sure its extended to all crops. And you can play a key role in this too by meeting your MP.


From Brussels to Westminster: the road to a bee-friendly Brexit

18 Aug, 2017 (PDF) 450.8 KB

A comprehensive ban covering all uses of these three neonicotinoid pesticides is essential to reversing the decline of bees and other pollinators, and would help aquatic life and cherished UK wildlife including birds and butterflies. This briefing delves into why this is needed.


Template press release: more veg and better meat

08 Aug, 2017 (DOCX) 132.21 KB

Put together a short list of the best places to visit for a More Veg, Better Meat meal where you are, and share them with your local papers usig this template press release. In support of the SRA 'More Veg, Better Meat' month.