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Hot off the presses


European Directive 2008/98/EC - Food waste amendments summary

28 Feb, 2017 (PDF) 84.49 KB

Over 60,000 people and 48 organisations from 17 countries call for ambitious farm-to-fork targets to halve the EU’s food waste across the EU by 2030. This summary sets out amendments before the European Parliament plenary session in March 2017 which would together support strong action on food waste. 

Rooftop solar in Bristol

Metro Mayor Briefing - West of England

15 Feb, 2017 (PDF) 455.35 KB

From zero carbon homes to air pollution and renewable energy, the Metro Mayor elections are a big opportunity for the environment. Here are some ideas for one region, for all the candidates.


2nd FOI response from Forestry Commission re INEOS correspondence

13 Feb, 2017 (PDF) 758.19 KB

This is the second FOI response we received from the Forestry Commission, containing all correspondence they have had with INEOS and their land surveyors FGP, between early November 2016 and early January 2017, regarding seismic surveying and shale gas exploration.