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Hot off the presses


Local Group Guidance on Elections and Political Impartiality

24 Apr, 2017 (PDF) 430.56 KB


This briefing is to help Friends of the Earth local group members and activists understand election law and political party impartiality, and how they might affect local group and activist campaigning activity.

Friends of the Earth is committed to complying with all election regulation. This briefing will help ensure you can comply with the law whilst continuing to speak out on environmental issues - from stopping fracking to cleaning up our air.

Clean Air school child.PNG

Clean Air Schools Pack

18 Apr, 2017 (PDF) 7.71 MB

Clean Air Schools Pack created by Friends of the Earth and Muslim Aid aims to educate a generation of young people about the significant threat air pollution poses to our health and our environment, and to empower them to be part of the solution. 



bee cause leaflet cover.JPG

Bee Cause leaflet

18 Apr, 2017 (PDF) 398.69 KB

Colourful, folded leaflet about what Friends of the Earth is doing to help reverse the decline of bees, and how you can help.