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Hot off the presses

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The Renewable Century - New Briefing

08 Dec, 2016 (PDF) 818.64 KB

Move over fossil fuel dinosaurs – the fleet-footed renewable mammals are taking over.

Renewables are growing at an astonishing rate - up from 7% to 25% of UK electricity in just 6 years. Around the world, from China to Chile, the story is the same. We can now envisage a fully renewable future. In fact it is probably unstoppable – the only question is if it will happen in time to prevent dangerous climate change.


The full two-part report is short and easily digested and is perfect for activists and campaigners looking for a positive campaigning narrative. 

  • Friends of the Earth's vision for the UK's energy mix
  • Latest figures on costs and aims with renewable energy
  • Q&A and mythbuster for activsts
  • Recommendations for policy makers

Insurance for Local Groups

29 Nov, 2016 (PDF) 198.38 KB

Here is a letter summarizing the details of Friends of the Earth's public liability insurance.