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Commenting on today's new climate change statistics, published by the Government, showing the carbon footprint of every local council area in the UK, Friends of the Earth's Policy and Campaigns Director Craig Bennett said:

"Local councils have a crucial role to play in meeting UK climate targets and these figures are an important indicator of how well they are doing.

"But it's disappointing that the Government plans to keep collecting this data but is dropping the existing performance system which encourages councils to ramp up action on cutting emissions in their area.

"This Government has promised to make climate action a priority, so Ministers should be doing more to encourage councils to slash carbon - not less.

"New legislation should be introduced to support councils lead the ambitious emissions cuts needed in our communities through action like generating green power, insulating homes and improving public transport."


1.   DECC press release:  2008 carbon dioxide emissions at local authority and government office region level.¬

2.   Friends of the Earth's Get Serious About CO2 campaign is calling for new local carbon budgets legislation in this session of Parliament. A briefing on how they would work is here:

3.   A cross-party group of council leaders launched a petition last week for local carbon budgets legislation:

4.   The Government plans to keep the data collection for National Indicator 186 (measuring per capita reduction in CO2 emissions in the Local Authority area) but Friends of the Earth understand it will no longer be part of a performance framework for councils. More information about NI186:¬

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