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Hot off the presses


Insurance for Local Groups

29 Nov, 2016 (PDF) 198.38 KB

Here is a letter summarizing the details of Friends of the Earth's public liability insurance. 

energy saving lightbulb on grass

De-energising society

28 Nov, 2016 (PDF) 418.92 KB

Renewable power is great - prices for solar and wind are tumbling, energy storage technology is developing rapidly, and we can all be part of the energy revolution. But, as this think-piece for Friends of the Earth's Big Ideas Project by Professor Gordon Walker shows, there's a whole heap more to sustainable energy than getting rid of fossil fuels and replacing them with clean energy. Professor Walker demonstrates that there needs to be a much greater focus on energy saving. Only be saving energy - or de-energising society - alongside a shift to renewable energy do we have a hope of avoiding the worst of climate change. Avoiding energy use is the top of the energy hiararchy but is largely ignored he says.

Air Pollution

Transport, freedom of movement and fairness

28 Nov, 2016 (PDF) 518.95 KB

Being able to travel is fundamental to wellbeing. But transport also brings impacts, such as air pollution, climate change, noise and community severance. How can transport policy be reshaped to enable everyone, including disadvantaged people and communities, to travel for work, familiy and reasons of pleasure while addressing these impacts? In this think-piece for Friends of the Earth's Big Ideas Project Dr Caroline Mullen from the Institute of Transport Studies  at the University of Leeds explains how fairness can move centre-stage in transport planning.


UK Land Use Calculator Guide

23 Nov, 2016 (PDF) 1.14 MB

This document describes the problem of balancing UK land use and presents a guide to Friends of the Earth’s UK Land Use Calculator.