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Friends of the Earth will oppose any trade deal with the US if Trump pulls out of Paris

Reacting to reports today (31 May) that Donald Trump will pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth CEO said:

"Friends of the Earth will campaign vigorously against any trade deal with the US if it turns its back on its global responsibility to tackle climate change – one of the biggest challenges the world faces.

"The next five years are a watershed moment for our climate. Only if we act now can we hope to prevent catastrophic climate change destroying homes and livelihoods here in the UK and fuelling starvation and refugee crises across the globe.

“This short-sighted and dangerous decision will be met by opposition around the world: from ordinary people, to scientists, and political leaders - making the US a global outcast.

 “Whoever becomes the next UK Prime Minister, they must now step up on climate action and show that our ‘special relationship’ with the US cannot extend to supporting a nation that would so flippantly jeopardise the climate for future generations."

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Published by Friends of the Earth Trust