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Commenting on reports today (Tuesday 27 March 2012) that oil company Total has said it could take up to six months to stop the gas leak off the coast of Aberdeen in the North Sea, Friends of the Earth Energy Campaigner Paul Steedman said:

"Leaks like this make Osborne’s dash for gas even more absurd – it could be months before it’s sorted, posing a huge safety risk to workers and releasing a greenhouse gas 20 times more climate-wrecking than carbon dioxide.

“Gas is already pushing our fuel bills through the roof – now people will be wondering whether they’ll be asked to cover the cost of the leak.

“It’s time we shifted to clean and safe British energy from the wind, sun and sea – this, and slashing energy waste, is our best hope for affordable power.”


1.            It’s been two years since the devastating BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Today there are reports that scientists are warning the spill seriously harmed deep sea corals.

2.            Last year the Government reviewed whether the same kind of incident could happen in UK waters. It found that lessons had not been learned, there was doubt over the implementation of disaster control plans, and that there were questions over who would pay for what.

3.            Earlier this month the Government gave the green light to gas. See also Guardian article.

4.            Recentanalysis by Friends of the Earth shows that energy firms are planning to build nearly double the number of gas-fired power stations the Government says the UK may need.

5.            More than 30,000 people joined Friends of the Earth's Final Demand campaign, launched in October last year, which calls for energy we can all afford and a public inquiry into the power and influence of the Big Six energy companies.

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