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Today's decision to give the go-ahead to a new generation of nuclear power stations will undermine safe and sustainable solutions to Britain's energy problems and will do little to tackle climate change, Friends of the Earth warned today.

Friends of the Earth's director, Tony Juniper said:

“New reactors are not the answer to UK energy problems and will do little to tackle climate change. We could meet our energy requirements by investing in cleaner, safer solutions such as renewables, combined heat and power, energy efficiency and the more efficient use of fossil fuels. Britain already languishes near the bottom of EU league table on green energy. The Government's nuclear love affair is likely to lead to the continued underinvestment in these technologies.”

Commenting on today's Energy Bill, Tony Juniper said:

“The Energy Bill fails to rise to the challenge of tackling climate change. The Prime Minister says that he wants Britain to be a leader in renewable energy. But the policies in today's bill are far too weak. The Government promises a three fold increase in renewable electricity. This is less than half of what is required to meet the UK's likely share of the EU's renewable energy target. Strong measures are needed to reform Ofgem, support renewable energy generators and reward households, businesses and communities who invest in producing their own clean energy. And the development of cleaner coal technologies, which have suffered repeated delays, must also be radically speeded up.”

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