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The Government's decision to give the go-ahead to a new runway at Heathrow has been slammed by Friends of the Earth.

Friends of the Earth's Executive Director, Andy Atkins, said:

"Expanding Heathrow is a hammer blow for UK climate targets that will shatter Gordon Brown's international reputation on the environment."

"We desperately need inspirational green leadership in the run-up to crucial UN climate talks later this year - not more polluting Brown policies."

"Talk of 'green slots', clean aircraft and long term targets for cutting emissions will not prevent soaring emissions."

"The best way for the Government to tackle air travel's contribution to global climate change is to abandon plans to expand UK airports."

"This terrible decision will intensify opposition to the Government's aviation strategy - the battle against Heathrow expansion can still be won."

Friends of the Earth welcomed the Government's pledge to back moves for aviation emissions to be included in international emission reduction commitments, but this must not be achieved through off-setting.



1.   A full Friends of the Earth briefing on why the Government must say no to
expanding Heathrow is available at:

2.   A Friends of the Earth briefing on the history of BAA's broken promises on
Heathrow is available at

3.   Expanding Heathrow will hit hardest people who are already vulnerable to
poverty and environmental threats. Government research showed that Black and Minority Ethnic communities and children will suffer adverse effects from noise and air quality.

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