Press releases by subject

25 Apr 2017 Ministers are right to reject NFU application – Friends of the Earth
13 Apr 2017 Easter survey reveals the need for faster action on peat-free gardening
06 Apr 2017 Huge public backing for councils to reduce grass-cutting to help save our bees
04 Apr 2017 London Mayor launches consultation on new action plan to tackle air pollution ​- Friends of the Earth reaction
30 Mar 2017 Great Repeal Bill isn't enough to protect our environment
29 Mar 2017 New scheme to rate cars on real-world air pollution impact – Friends of the Earth reaction
23 Mar 2017 Europe poised for total ban on bee-harming pesticides, says report – Friends of the Earth reaction
22 Mar 2017 Princess Anne and GM crops – Friends of the Earth reaction
08 Mar 2017 Budget: Chancellor silent on UK air pollution scandal - and pledges more climate-wrecking oil and gas extraction
06 Mar 2017 Budget: 45% of people say they would be likely to switch to cleaner vehicle if government provided a financial incentive
01 Mar 2017 Revealed: only 1 in 10 think their air quality is bad despite toxic levels of air pollution across the UK
21 Feb 2017 Revealed: Cuadrilla planning to start drilling without completing groundwater monitoring as required by law
16 Feb 2017 INEOS plan to put drilling rig in Sherwood Forest,our investigation reveals
15 Feb 2017 Pesticide firms’ legal challenge to ban on bee-harming pesticides
15 Feb 2017 UK receives "final warning" from Europe for breaching air pollution limits
07 Feb 2017 Bees: Government urged to reject NFU application to use banned pesticide
07 Feb 2017 Housing White Paper: developers win again
02 Feb 2017 Brexit white paper – Friends of the Earth reaction
02 Feb 2017 Heathrow consultation: Third runway 'will bring more noise, pollution and misery'
31 Jan 2017 Government urged to act after UN expert warns UK air pollution threatens the human rights of children
26 Jan 2017 NFU flooding manifesto welcomed - but damaging practices must be reformed
26 Jan 2017 UK will look 'weak and desperate' if Theresa May fails to challenge Trump on climate change
25 Jan 2017 275,000 strong campaign to save Sherwood Forest from fracking
24 Jan 2017 Food waste to be halved by 2030
24 Jan 2017 ‘Air audits’ for London schools aren’t enough to solve dirty air woes
24 Jan 2017 ​Restrict traffic during London toxic air alert, before restricting outdoor play
20 Jan 2017 Trump won’t ‘Make America Great Again’ by ditching action on climate change, warns Friends of the Earth
18 Jan 2017 Hottest year on record a wake up call to incoming US president
18 Jan 2017 Call for tougher action as London put on toxic air alert
13 Jan 2017 As storm surge threatens coast, climate risks must be held at bay
12 Jan 2017 Backing for Swansea tidal lagoon welcomed - but Govt mustn’t ignore solar and wind investment
10 Jan 2017 £13 billion of edible food needlessly thrown away
09 Jan 2017 Bees: EU Food watchdog delays its review of neonic pesticide safety
06 Jan 2017 UK breaks air pollution limits for 2017 in just five days
05 Jan 2017 Bees: Pesticide restrictions must be extended to wheat - new Friends of the Earth report
20 Dec 2016 Barclays’ owned Third Energy gets go-ahead to frack in Yorkshire
14 Dec 2016 Scale of diesel scandal unknown as garages banned from advertising pollution filter removal
09 Dec 2016 No jail for Nana: case discharged against Tina
07 Dec 2016 Doubling funding to tackle air pollution welcomed, but London Mayor must also ban diesel vehicles from capital
02 Dec 2016 Four capitals announce they’re ditching diesel. London should follow suit says Friends of the Earth