Press releases by subject

27 Jul 2016 City Airport expansion terrible news for Londoners’ health – say Friends of the Earth
27 Jul 2016 New study shows pesticides may act as contraceptive to bees – Friends of the Earth reaction
27 Jul 2016 As ban on British beef is lifted, protection from US hormone treated beef must remain – says Friends of the Earth
14 Jul 2016 Our reaction to the scrapping of DECC and Andrea Leadsom's appointment as new head of DEFRA
14 Jul 2016 Brexit Government urged to take control of food, farming and fisheries for public good
11 Jul 2016 Theresa May has the opportunity to create a positive vision for the environment
07 Jul 2016 Campaigners take council to court over fracking in Ryedale
05 Jul 2016 Green light for Northumberland opencast coal mine slammed
05 Jul 2016 Government rejects NFU application to use banned bee-harming pesticides again - Friends of the Earth reaction
05 Jul 2016 A 21st century Clean Air Act must phase out diesel – says Friends of the Earth
30 Jun 2016 Government adoption of climate target welcomed
28 Jun 2016 Decision to extend glyphosate pesticide licence criticised
24 Jun 2016 Red alert for nature and environment following leave vote
14 Jun 2016 Over 186,000 stand with the people of Lancashire in opposing fracking
14 Jun 2016 Brexit endangers Britain’s bees says Friends of the Earth
10 Jun 2016 Formal pre-action letter sent to County Council regarding Ryedale fracking decision
09 Jun 2016 MPs attack Government over flood defences
08 Jun 2016 Facts play “second fiddle” in Paterson speech says Friends of the Earth
08 Jun 2016 Remain for the environment says Friends of the Earth as it urges more talk on EU and nature
08 Jun 2016 Bees: NFU makes second bid to use banned pesticides in UK fields
23 May 2016 North Yorkshire County Council Approve Fracking: Friends of the Earth respond
19 May 2016 Great British Bee Count: A nation of bee lovers, but survey shows most people can’t recognise a honey bee
13 May 2016 ‘T charge’ good but new Mayor must be consistent on dirty air - says Friends of the Earth
13 May 2016 Planners recommend fracking in Ryedale, but battle continues
12 May 2016 Great news for bees as Government rejects application to use banned pesticides
12 May 2016 Ten UK cities fail to meet WHO standards for clean air
06 May 2016 Create bee-friendly gardens and spaces this spring, urges Michaela Strachan
02 May 2016 Friends of the Earth complains to ASA over diesel pollution filter ads
28 Apr 2016 Govt taken to court again over illegally dirty air – Friends of the Earth reaction
27 Apr 2016 New EFRA report backs Friends of the Earth calls for more urgent action on air pollution
27 Apr 2016 NFU applies to use ‘banned’ bee-harming pesticides again
22 Apr 2016 Coal dumped outside Energy Department - as world signs up to climate deal
21 Apr 2016 Diesel cars all exceed pollution limits, says report
20 Apr 2016 North Yorkshire fracking decision date revealed
19 Apr 2016 New report shows EU good for our environment
14 Apr 2016 Devon County Council congratulated on bee-harming pesticides ban commitment
14 Apr 2016 Finally they're talking about the environment
12 Apr 2016 Bees: Thousands of Devon residents urge council to act on pesticides ahead of crucial meeting
24 Mar 2016 Aldi UK pesticide review to protect pollinators welcomed
23 Mar 2016 Trustees say carry on campaigning on the EU, as new Charity Commission guidelines give green light.