Press releases by subject

08 Feb 2016 BAFTA nominated Mark Ruffalo’s passionate plea to British PM - Frack no!
03 Feb 2016 Friends of the Earth at launch of Environmentalists for Europe
02 Feb 2016 More people oppose fracking than support it
31 Jan 2016 Leaked letter shows extent of Government plans to frack Britain
28 Jan 2016 Climate Committee’s post-Paris advice to Govt “desperately disappointing”
20 Jan 2016 2015 warmest year on record
18 Jan 2016 Ryedale fracking decision delayed again
12 Jan 2016 Cameron's defence of his government's climate policies challenged
11 Jan 2016 Cameron must spell out climate action plan, says Friends of the Earth, as PM faces quizzing from MPs
05 Jan 2016 December 2015 warmest UK year on record: Govt urged to act on climate change & flood defences
26 Dec 2015 Government urged to act as more flooding batters Britain
17 Dec 2015 Government clean air plan is inadequate
17 Dec 2015 Government ignores opposition and opens up more areas for fracking
17 Dec 2015 Solar cuts: Govt fails major test of climate change credibility post-Paris,
16 Dec 2015 Labour right to call for fracking moratorium, says Friends of the Earth
16 Dec 2015 Drinking water & national parks under threat after fracking vote
16 Dec 2015 UK Govt support for EU nature laws welcomed by Friends of the Earth
15 Dec 2015 Crucial MPs' vote on controversial government fracking plans imminent
12 Dec 2015 Paris climate deal agreed - Friends of the Earth reaction
12 Dec 2015 COP21: Final climate draft must be strengthened
10 Dec 2015 Heathrow decision postponed
10 Dec 2015 COP21: UK Government urged to back 1.5 degree target
09 Dec 2015 COP21: Draft climate text published
07 Dec 2015 Flooding: Govt to review flood risk data
07 Dec 2015 Flooding: We must cut pollution that's super-charging our weather
06 Dec 2015 Flooding: Government must do far more to tackle climate change, says Friends of the Earth
05 Dec 2015 Rich nations urged to act, as climate negotiations reach new phase
01 Dec 2015 Bees: Government urged to accept evidence on neonicotinoid pesticides on 2nd anniversary of ban
30 Nov 2015 Empty rhetoric is not enough, David Cameron warned following Paris climate speech
30 Nov 2015 Climate summit: warm words and half-measures won’t avert a planetary emergency, warns Friends of the Earth
27 Nov 2015 Decision to allow fracking in Lancashire to be made directly by Government
25 Nov 2015 Autumn Statement: Chancellor’s green-bashing shows environment isn’t safe in his hands
25 Nov 2015 World urged to act on climate change as 2015 set to be warmest year on record
25 Nov 2015 Excess winter death figures highest since 1999
24 Nov 2015 Report urges governments to do more to change diets to act on climate change
18 Nov 2015 UK energy focus should be renewables, not gas, says Friends of the Earth after historic coal phase-out pledge
12 Nov 2015 High Court refuses permission to challenge UK Government’s bee-harming pesticide decision
10 Nov 2015 Govt must have effective renewable energy plan, or risk legal challenge, warns Friends of the Earth
04 Nov 2015 Govt fails to protect drinking water & National Parks from risks of fracking
04 Nov 2015 Bees: National Pollinator Strategy needs strengthening says coalition