Press releases by subject

14 Aug 2017 Government must ban bee-harming pesticides as new research shows risk to bumblebee extinction
08 Aug 2017 Tesco decision to replace single-use bags with bags for life welcomed
03 Aug 2017 Biodiversity indicators highlight government failure on environment, says Friends of the Earth
03 Aug 2017 National support for fracking at lowest level yet
02 Aug 2017 UN committee tells UK government to reverse court changes
26 Jul 2017 Air Quality Plan ‘cynical’ and doesn’t do enough to save lives now
07 Jul 2017 Pop band Ten Millennia support Friends of the Earth with new album - released today
06 Jul 2017 Tribute paid to Friends of the Earth Chair, Roger Clarke, who is stepping down after six successful years
06 Jul 2017 Despite Court Ruling, government ‘out on a limb’ on air pollution – says Friends of the Earth
30 Jun 2017 66% of Lancashire residents oppose fracking in their local area
29 Jun 2017 Government urged to back complete ban after major European study finds neonicotinoid pesticides harm bees
28 Jun 2017 N Ireland govt acted unlawfully by not stopping Lough Neagh dredging, says Court of Appeal following Friends of the Earth legal challenge
22 Jun 2017 MEPs back complete ban on bee-harming pesticides
21 Jun 2017 Two out of three Lancashire residents oppose Conservative manifesto proposal to allow non-fracking drilling without planning permission
09 Jun 2017 Will Theresa May allow “climate pariah” DUP to weaken action on climate?
01 Jun 2017 Trump pulls out of Paris: Friends of the Earth promises to oppose any trade deal with the US
31 May 2017 Friends of the Earth will oppose any trade deal with the US if Trump pulls out of Paris
26 May 2017 Switching On: How Renewables Will Power the UK – new report
19 May 2017 TV presenters urge people to join the Great British Bee Count and help our bee-leagured bees
19 May 2017 Over three quarters of British public agree garden centres should not sell garden plants grown with pesticides that are harmful to bees
18 May 2017 Conservative manifesto – Friends of the Earth reaction
17 May 2017 Lib Dem manifesto: zero waste, clean air and climate action
16 May 2017 Labour manifesto: fracking ban, Clean Air Act and nature protection
13 May 2017 Retailers urged to act after pesticides linked to bee decline discovered in “pollinator friendly” garden plants
09 May 2017 B&Q to ban neonicotinoid pesticides from flowering plant range to protect bees – other retailers urged to follow suit
05 May 2017 Government air quality plans “woefully inadequate” with a “breath-taking lack of detail” – says Friends of the Earth
02 May 2017 Great British Bee Count 2017: Let’s make Britain bee-rilliant for bees
27 Apr 2017 Government ordered to publish Air Quality Plans - Friends of the Earth reaction
25 Apr 2017 Ministers are right to reject NFU application – Friends of the Earth
13 Apr 2017 Easter survey reveals the need for faster action on peat-free gardening
06 Apr 2017 Huge public backing for councils to reduce grass-cutting to help save our bees
04 Apr 2017 London Mayor launches consultation on new action plan to tackle air pollution ​- Friends of the Earth reaction
30 Mar 2017 Great Repeal Bill isn't enough to protect our environment
29 Mar 2017 New scheme to rate cars on real-world air pollution impact – Friends of the Earth reaction
23 Mar 2017 Europe poised for total ban on bee-harming pesticides, says report – Friends of the Earth reaction
22 Mar 2017 Princess Anne and GM crops – Friends of the Earth reaction
08 Mar 2017 Budget: Chancellor silent on UK air pollution scandal - and pledges more climate-wrecking oil and gas extraction
06 Mar 2017 Budget: 45% of people say they would be likely to switch to cleaner vehicle if government provided a financial incentive
01 Mar 2017 Revealed: only 1 in 10 think their air quality is bad despite toxic levels of air pollution across the UK
21 Feb 2017 Revealed: Cuadrilla planning to start drilling without completing groundwater monitoring as required by law