Press releases by subject

25 Oct 2016 Heathrow expansion makes mockery of government commitments to tackle climate change
24 Oct 2016 We won't tackle climate change if we allow Heathrow or Gatwick to expand
17 Oct 2016 Government in court over air pollution. It’s time to ditch diesel – says Friends of the Earth
15 Oct 2016 HFC phase out welcomed – UK government urged not to give green light to new sources of climate-wrecking carbon pollution
13 Oct 2016 Clean Air Zones needed in every city to prevent deaths from air pollution
13 Oct 2016 Committee on Climate Change advice on climate targets "very disappointing"
06 Oct 2016 Green light for fracking in Lancashire slammed
05 Oct 2016 It's 1 year since the plastic bag charge, should it apply to disposable coffee cups?
04 Oct 2016 Khan backs new Thames road crossing – Friends of the Earth reaction
04 Oct 2016 EU Paris ratification: time for action not back slapping – says Friends of the Earth
30 Sep 2016 ‘Making a success of Brexit’ must include protecting our wildlife and environment – say Friends of the Earth
26 Sep 2016 Huge growth predicted for energy collectives – if PM doesn’t kill it
21 Sep 2016 Friends of the Earth set to object to new oil drilling in South Downs National Park
21 Sep 2016 Ratifying climate deal not “worth the paper it’s written on” if government invests in fossil fuels – says Friends of the Earth
20 Sep 2016 “It’s the greatest injustice of climate change, those least responsible for causing the crisis are the first to suffer” Friends of the Earth call for change in legal status of refugees
15 Sep 2016 Hinkley: blatantly wrong decision
13 Sep 2016 Government “refusing to take the bold action needed” on air pollution – says Friends of the Earth
08 Sep 2016 Controversial Druridge Bay opencast coal mine ‘called in’ by minister – Friends of the Earth reaction
08 Sep 2016 Government flood review recommendations ‘a wash-out’
06 Sep 2016 Important to highlight air pollution & climate injustice – Friends of the Earth reaction to Black Lives Matter UK protest
02 Sep 2016 Green light for M4 widening plans: more pollution, more traffic
01 Sep 2016 Government must phase out diesel says Friends of the Earth, as MPs call for clear transport strategy
25 Aug 2016 UK public overwhelmingly back EU rules to protect bees and nature, YouGov survey reveals
17 Aug 2016 Khan appoints Deputy Mayor for the environment – Friends of the Earth reaction
16 Aug 2016 Neonicotinoid insecticides linked to wild bee decline across England
15 Aug 2016 Air alerts good news but traffic restrictions needed – says Friends of the Earth
15 Aug 2016 Only 1/3 public support fracking despite cash payments – YouGov
06 Aug 2016 Households could be offered payment to sweeten fracking
29 Jul 2016 Hinkley - an opportunity to "do the right and popular thing" by ending support
27 Jul 2016 City Airport expansion terrible news for Londoners’ health – say Friends of the Earth
27 Jul 2016 New study shows pesticides may act as contraceptive to bees – Friends of the Earth reaction
27 Jul 2016 As ban on British beef is lifted, protection from US hormone treated beef must remain – says Friends of the Earth
14 Jul 2016 Our reaction to the scrapping of DECC and Andrea Leadsom's appointment as new head of DEFRA
14 Jul 2016 Brexit Government urged to take control of food, farming and fisheries for public good
11 Jul 2016 Theresa May has the opportunity to create a positive vision for the environment
07 Jul 2016 Campaigners take council to court over fracking in Ryedale
05 Jul 2016 Green light for Northumberland opencast coal mine slammed
05 Jul 2016 Government rejects NFU application to use banned bee-harming pesticides again - Friends of the Earth reaction
05 Jul 2016 A 21st century Clean Air Act must phase out diesel – says Friends of the Earth
30 Jun 2016 Government adoption of climate target welcomed