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Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead called for the introduction of a Climate Change Bill in the Queen's Speech when he met with his MP this week. The meeting is part of 'The Big Ask, Big Month, Big Lobby', a month of activity during which hundreds of people across the country are visiting their MP in support of The Big Ask, Friends of the Earth's climate campaign.

Dr Evan Harris, Liberal Democrat MP for West Oxford and Abingdon, agreed to write to Tony Blair and the Environment Minister David Milliband outlining the case for a climate change law following the meeting at his constituency office in Oxford. The Government will hear similar representations from MPs across the country who have had visits from constituents concerned that not enough is being done to tackle climate change.

The Big Ask campaign is calling on the Government to introduce a Climate Change Bill which commits the UK to reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by at least three per cent year on year. The next opportunity for the Government to do this will be when the Queen outlines the Government's legislative programme for the year in her speech to parliament on 15 November.

The call for legislation to tackle climate change is already backed by the Liberal Democrats, the Conservative party and around two thirds of MPs (401) from across the political spectrum [1]. Over 100,000 members of the public have also written to their MP in support of The Big Ask campaign.

Thom Yorke's visit follows last week's announcement by the Environment Secretary, David Milliband that he was considering including climate change legislation in the Queen's Speech. Friends of the Earth welcomed the announcement and called on the Government to ensure that a bill is introduced that commits the UK to making annual reductions in its carbon emissions.

Thom Yorke said:

"As individuals there is a tendency to feel powerless when confronted with big issues such as climate change. But there is something we can all do. By writing to or visiting our MP we can makesure our voices are heard. That's why I've asked my MP to write to Tony Blair about the need for a climate change law that would commit the UK to making annual reductions in itscarbon dioxide emissions."

Dr Evan Harris MP said:

"Many of my constituents - including Thom - share the view that much more needs to be done if we are going to avoid dangerous climate change. The majority of MPs, the Liberal Democrats and all opposition parties support the introduction of a climate change bill in the Queen's Speech. There is no reason to delay this crucial piece of legislation "

Friends of the Earth Director, Tony Juniper said:

"Current measures to tackle climate change are not working and carbon dioxide emissions in the UK have continued to rise as a result. The Government has the political and public support it needs to introduce a climate change law that would commit the UK to making annual cuts in its carbon dioxide emissions. If we act now the UK can still play its part in keeping temperatures from rising above danger levels, and set an example for the rest of the world to follow."


[1] A full list of MPs who have signed Early Day Motion 178 - a parliamentary petition supporting a new climate law is at:

Friends of the Earth is a member of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition which launched the 'I Count' campaign last week. 'I Count' is designed to inspire personal and political action and counter the view that climate change is too big a problem to fix. More information at: Members of the public are encouraged to sign up to the campaign at or by texting `I Count' to 84424. They are also urged to attend a mass event at London's Trafalgar Square, on Saturday 4th November, 2006, 1-3pm - on the eve of international climate change talks in Nairobi, Kenya

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