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End of term report 2016

28 Apr, 2016 (PDF) 288.22 KB

This is a report into the performance of the Northern Ireland Executive over the past 5 years.

Mosaic tile installation from the Montreal climate talks in 2005 reading "the world is watching"

Briefing: Paris climate talks and the UK

18 Nov, 2015 (PDF) 566.48 KB

In the run up to the climate talks in Paris and a Parliamentary debate on Thursday 19 November, here is our briefing to all MPs. It includes information on the key issues that will get discussed in Paris, what world leaders should push for agreement on, and what MPs can do here in the UK to make sure we are doing our fair share. 

Air pollution.jpg

The environmental reasons for reducing inequalities

29 Oct, 2015 (PDF) 652.82 KB

This briefing introduces the different types of inequality and identifies the links with environmental degradation. It explains why Friends of the Earth, like many others across the political spectrum, is concerned about inequality. It proposes some areas for action and seeks feedback on these.