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2nd FOI response from Forestry Commission re INEOS correspondence

13 Feb, 2017 (PDF) 758.19 KB

This is the second FOI response we received from the Forestry Commission, containing all correspondence they have had with INEOS and their land surveyors FGP, between early November 2016 and early January 2017, regarding seismic surveying and shale gas exploration.


How to Respond to Gloucestershire's Minerals Plan

03 Nov, 2016 (PDF) 191.57 KB

Gloucestershire County Council is updating the Minerals Plan and when the new version is adopted it will cover the period up to 2032:  fifteen years into the future.

If the policies in the Minerals Plan are too permissive towards oil and gas developers it makes it more likely that they will seek to impose dirty fossil fuel industries on Gloucestershire. 

The Minerals Plan is open for consultation until 24th November 2016. 

The best thing is for you to respond in your own words.

This briefing summarises some of the key planning grounds why we think the plan needs changing. Please feel free to use or adapt these.