We can travel faster and further than ever before, giving us greater independence and mobility. But road and air transport have a huge impact on our environment and economy. This free booklet shows why transport that is good for the planet can also improve everyone's quality of life.

What's the problem?

The traffic on our roads has more than doubled over the last 30 years. This trend is set to continue as car use increases. Building more motorways and wider roads will make congestion worse, and add to the harmful emissions generated.

Over the same period rail fares have risen and public transport services have been drastically reduced.  

The UK government also wants a huge expansion of aviation and supports the building of new runways and terminals. Aviation fuel is the fastest growth source of climate-changing gases. Airlines do not pay any tax on fuel and pay no VAT on many parts of their operations. Any expansion of this industry will therefore be subsidised by the tax payer. The increase in noise and air pollution will also wreck the lives of those living under flight paths.

How can we help?

This booklet explains how the UK can work towards a sustainable transport system that is good for people, communities and the environment. We need less traffic on our roads and less growth in aviation.

The policies Friends of the Earth campaigns for could cut traffic by a quarter at peak times. These include:

  • Public transport
    Instead of more road building, we want improvements in public transport and streets that are safer for walking and cycling.
  • Greener cars
    A move towards more fuel efficient cars, to help cut carbon emissions.
  • Fair tax for aviation
    Airlines should pay the real cost of the environmental damage they cause by paying fair taxes. 

We can make a big difference by changing our habits - for instance by cutting down on business flights and using the train for holiday travel, cycling, shopping locally and walking the children to school.

Find out more about how you can make a real difference.

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