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Hot off the presses


The English Planning System: an overview

20 Oct, 2016 (PDF) 812.36 KB

Part of the Community Rights Resource Pack - this guide gives you an overview of the English planning system, and ways you can use it in your campaigns.


Local Plans: A campaigner's guide

20 Oct, 2016 (PDF) 587.44 KB

As part of our Community Rights Resource Pack - this guide has all you need to know for getting involved in the local plan process in your community. 

Community solar repowering London

Grassroots innovation

18 Oct, 2016 (PDF) 504.84 KB

With climate change, biodiversity loss, soil degradation and numerous other challenges humankind has certainly dug itself into a big hole. Many of the solutions to get us out of the hole exist, but innovation is still needed. In this thinkpiece for Friends of the Earth's Big Ideas Project Professor Adrian Smith and Professor Andy Stirling explain the importance of grassroots innovation and innovation democracy for innovation that helps rather than hinders sustainablilty.