Wind power

Wind power is a key tool in the effort to provide energy we can all afford. But it's often surrounded by controversy and misinformation. This free booklet answers some of the most frequestly asked questions about wind power - to give you the facts at your fingertips.

What's the problem?

Climate change is the most urgent environmental threat today. In the UK around a third of our carbon dioxide emissions come from power stations producing electricity. And our demand for energy continues to grow.

It is vital that we find cheap and clean ways of generating electricity rather than relying on fossil fuels and nuclear power. 

How can we help?

Wind power is a good source of renewable energy.  It is free and inexhaustible, with no waste. Friends of the Earth supports the development of wind farms which are appropriate sited, well designed and locally supported.

We believe the debate about wind power must be balanced and informed. In our booklet we provide answers to common questions about wind power and put criticisms into perspective. Learn more about:

  • Can wind farms can produce significant amounts of electricity?
  • Is wind power expensive and heavily subsidised?
  • Is wind energy reliable?
  • How much land do wind farms take up?
  • Do wind farms pose threats to wildlife?
  • Why do we hear so much about opposition to wind farms?

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