Friends of the Earth Limited


Friends of the Earth Limited is committed to:

  • The protection and improvement of the environment.
  • A good life for everyone who lives on our planet.
  • A green economy that respects the limits of the natural world.

We do this through:

  • Influencing political decisions and businesses.
  • Inspiring people like you to campaign with us.
  • Getting environmental issues centre stage.

Friends of the Earth Limited sees things differently, sharing its mission, vision and values with Friends of the Earth Trust.

Achievements include

Climate change
Successfully lobbying for a climate change bill.

Encouraging responses to GM consultation.

Lobbying the European Union on waste law.

Volunteer groups
Supporting climate lobbying of local councils.

Cymru and Northern Ireland
Keeping green on the assemblies’ agendas.

Constitution and accounts




Relationship with local volunteer groups

Friends of the Earth Limited owns the Friends of the Earth trademark. We grant local groups a licence to campaign under our name subject to some limitations under the agreement.

Local groups also sign a Partnership Agreement setting out how:

  • Local groups
  • Networks
  • Staff

should support each other.