Start your Bee World today

Create a haven to help bees and other insects thrive. We’ll provide free seeds and advice on how to go about creating your Bee World.

Friends of the Earth’s Bee Worlds project aims to cover the UK in bee-friendly wildflowers. 

We now have over 350, smashing our target to create 200 Bee Worlds last year. Can you help us create another in your neighbourhood?

British bees are in decline

Disappearing green spaces are making life difficult for bees. Since the 1930s the UK has lost 97% of its important natural grassland. Without bees, our food systems are under threat.

Help by planting a Bee World

Bee Worlds are a vital part of our Bee Cause campaign - a practical community project, alongside the individual actions you can take.

We'll provide all you need to create a Bee World in a public or shared space - maybe school, work, or somewhere used by a community group. You'll get:

Find out more by downloading our Bee Worlds guidance, then apply when you're ready.

Bee World - guidance 

Bee World - apply

Any questions? Need a printed copy of the pack? Email

Looking for ways to help bees at home? Try our Bee Saver Kit or make a Bee & Bee.

Bee Worlds - they're blooming everywhere!

Jesmond Community Orchard applied for a Bee World. We sent them free seeds and a Bee World plaque. They supplied the gardeners, along with help from West Jesmond Primary School. See what happened next...

Spring Gardens hostel, run by St Mungo's Broadway, created a Bee World in 2012. Here the residents and staff share their story about the benefits it's brought - for them and local wildlife.