Clean British Energy

Photo competition gallery

We wanted you to show us how inspired you are by renewable energy, so we ran a photo competition.
We had a huge response and it was a tough decision for the judges.

The winners were chosen by judges from Friends of the Earth, Good Energy and Ecotricity.
Congratulations to joint first place winners Chris Flavin and Wayne Beesley.

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CBE photo competition

Houseboat, Felixstowe Ferry

WINNER. "As a student of architecture I'm taught a lot about large-scale sustainability. Large projects give the public the wrong idea, that individual actions are too small to make a difference. This houseboat at Felixstowe harbour highlights the every-little-helps attitude needed if we're serious about cleaning up our energy use in the UK."

Liverpool bay wind farm

WINNER. "Liverpool has a great industrial heritage. This wind farm signifies progress for an area that's fallen behind some of Europe's more environmentally forward-thinking cities and ports. There are plans for more renewable energy schemes along the Mersey catchment area - good news for the UK and the environment."

Windlee wind farm, Eaglesham near Glasgow

HIGHLY COMMENDED. "This image of Whitlee wind farm, Eaglesham, near Glasgow, at dusk gives the sense of wind energy living in harmony with the rural environment."

sea spray on offshore wind farm

HIGHLY COMMENDED. "This image was taken from a vessel used to move men and equipment around the wind farm as it is being built. The turbines look like giants rising from the spray."

seals and turbines at Donna Nook beach, Lincolnshire

HIGHLY COMMENDED. "These dozing seals on Donna Nook beach are oblivious to the power being generated by the turbines in the distance. The gentle silhouette of the seals set in the warm orange light softens the boundaries between civilisation and the natural world.".

wind farm from the air, Scotland

HIGHLY COMMENDED. "Approaching Glasgow in the early morning we flew over this wind farm. Every photographer must have a bit of luck sometimes. The window was clean, the sun behind me, the cloud was light and the plane not too high. I was meant to get this shot. Clean energy being generated in a wild, clean place."

solar panels, Powis Castle

HIGHLY COMMENDED.  "Powis Castle commercial nursery may be one of the first energy self-sufficient nurseries in the UK. It's not easy working with renewables in monuments and listed buildings, but it can and should be done."

washing line Ben Loyal

HIGHLY COMMENDED: "Across the nation drying clothes the old-fashioned way using wind and sun is far more efficient than using tumble dryers, which 81% of householders use. Clothes drying are a whole lot prettier than a power station supplying electricity for tumble dryers."

Torrs Hydro scheme, Derbyshire

"Torrs Hydro is a community-owned micro hydroelectric scheme in New Mills, Derbyshire. The 2.4m diameter Archimedean screw generates up to 63kW of electricity."

Gorleston wind turbines being built

"Scroby Sands wind farm with turbine parts being loaded onto barges in Yarmouth Harbour, in the foreground. The first shift will start soon in the early morning sun, the cranes swinging blades the length of commuter trains onto the barges."

turbine, Mullacot, near Illfracombe, North Devon

"This lone wind turbine in Mullacot, near Ilfracombe, Devon, illuminated by a stunning rainbow, may be seen as a ray of hope, a small pot of gold. We need to make the countryside productive in new ways, not just through agriculture and sheep, but through harvesting wind and solar power."

wind farm near Gillingham, Dorset

"A visitor from a local authority in Zambia on an exchange visit with South Somerset District Council was fascinated with this 20kW turbine on a farm near Gillingham in Dorset."

solar PV on Romford shopping centre

"This solar photovoltaic (PV) system at Romford shopping centre will save 25 tonnes of CO2 annually. It was the first installation where a helicopter was used to minimise disruption to the mall."

turbines and lan yacht at Hoylake

"This image taken at Hoylake on a cold, windy April day captures the pleasure as well as the power of this great natural resource."

i love turbines

"Quite simply, I heart wind turbines."

solar panels in orchard

"Our solar panels sit between our vegetable beds and orchard. To me they symbolise an important step towards living in harmony with our natural world, from which we get both food and electricity."

Whitelees Wind farm near Eaglesham

"This picture was taken during a visit to Whitelees Wind farm near Eaglesham, with some Dutch engineering students."

old and new turbines, Thorpe Salvin, Nottinghamshire

"I liked the old and new of these turbines I saw as I travelled through Salvin, Nottinghamshire. They give the sense that renewable energy has been around for longer than most people think."

Liverpool Bay wind farm

"Liverpool has a great industrial heritage. This wind farm signifies real progress for an area that has fallen behind some of Europe's more innovative, environmentally forward-thinking cities and ports. There are plans for more renewable energy schemes along the Mersey catchment area - good news for the UK and the environment."

solar powered canal boat

"My brother, Gary Marsland, is spending a year travelling the canals and rivers of Britain in his small canal boat using only solar power. His target is 1000 miles. We joined him for a week in April when I took this photo of Gary with my 11 year old son, Liam."

ponies, a child and turbines

"This photo shows wind turbines as a majestic addition to the rural landscape while taking a minimal amount of land. It also captures a child, farm animals and the turbines in interaction."

wind farm from a beach

"I really like the light and the way the blades of the turbines disappear into the mist. The sea birds and their shadows balance the photo with the small girl paddling."

Great Yarmouth Pier and Scroby Sands wind farm

"Great Yarmouth Pier, with its demand for energy, and Scroby Sands wind farm behind, reminds me that if we want to be having a pleasurable time in the future we need to generate our energy in a way that does not harm the planet."

boys creating wind power

"Trying to engage teenage boys can be tough and things that turn them on tend to have a negative effect on the local carbon footprint. Who would have thought my new mini wind turbine light would excite them so much. Job done!"

Cemmaes wind farm, Wales

"Strong wind plays with Michelle's hair, clouds and sunshine chase each other across the Cemmaes wind farm. The blades of these gentle giants flex in the storm."

wind turbines off Walney island

"What would our coastline look like if these turbines were everywhere? I zoomed in on these turbines off Walney Island so the image conveys nothing except the juxtaposition of natural and unnatural forms."

solar energy

"This image shows the beauty and power of solar energy. I believe solar power is an amazing way to produce energy as it will never run out."

Horse grazing by turbine

"In years gone by the horse was our source of energy which worked in harmony with nature. We have to get back to that idea of working with nature, not against it, or everything will go horribly wrong."

Didcot power station

"Didcot power station is merrily choking the planet as it has for the past 50 years. The new houses in the foreground are fitted with solar panels providing clean and silent 21st century renewable electricity."

turbine reflection on the beach

"I love this photo as I think it reflects the relationship between renewable energy and the environment."

pre war hydro power system

"I have a personal interest in rediscovering pre-war hydro installations to see if we can bring them back to life. There are hundreds out there lying dormant. The technology needs updating, but the sites are there."

South Downs solar farm

"This solar farm has a low profile that integrates well with the landscape, the South Downs in the distance and the sheep! It is essential that we take advantage of a free and renewable energy source wherever it is available."

wind farm, Crosby, Liverpool

"This wind farm in Crosby, Liverpool is surveyed by Anthony Gormley's statues from his Another Place exhibit. The statue is a man who could be thinking to himself, My oh my, how times have changed."

Olympic Park turbine

"I get sick and tired of people complaining about wind turbines. They are visionary, evolutionary and a symbol of the great strides mankind has made. The Olympic Park did an amazing job introducing British wildflowers and turbines as this picture shows."

Eling tide mill

"Eling tide mill is one of the few remaining operational flour mills in the UK. The sea has immense potential for providing renewable energy in the form of tidal power. The advantages are obvious. Mills indicate an early grasp of this valuable power source by our ancestors."

electricity pylon

"I think this image illustrates beautifully the link between the most powerful energy source in the solar system and mankind's demand for energy. Solar energy is a potentially limitless resource which limits the effects of climate change."

Liverpool Bay Windfarm

"Liverpool has a great industrial heritage. This wind farm signifies real progress for an area that has fallen behind some of Europe's more innovative, environmentally forward-thinking cities and ports.There are plans for more renewable energy schemes along the Mersey catchment area - good news for the UK and the environment."

off-shore turbines

"I chose this image as it demonstrates the sheer size of the mono piles. They dwarf the service boats, showing how tall they really are."