International climate campaign

Planetary emergency

The world's leading scientists have given stark warnings about the planetary emergency we're facing: the impacts of climate change are here and will get worse unless we take immediate action.

You don't have to be a scientist to see the impacts of climate change.

Just after Typhoon Bopha devastated the Philippines last year, Yeb Saño, Head of the Philippines delegation, made an emotional plea at the climate talks in Doha. He said:

Please, no more delays, no more excuses... I ask of all of us here, if not us then who? If not now then when? If not here then where?

We are heading for a catastrophic temperature rise of 4 degrees Celsius unless we doing something to change it.

A fair, global climate deal

Friends of the Earth is campaigning for a fair global climate deal.

What does that mean? It means rich countries:

  1. cutting their emissions faster 
  2. helping developing countries to change over to clean energy.

How much action does each country need to take to stop catastrophic climate change? Find out on our new Climate Fair Shares website.

The UK needs to cut its emissions by 75% by 2030. But the Government’s plans are a long way from achieving this.

Read about the UKs role in a fair, global climate deal

We must be stronger

Governments are not acting fast enough. We must unite nationally, regionally and globally to pressure them to act.

Friends of the Earth is working with others to help build a global climate campaign. Together with our international family, we are pushing for:

The UK government must do its bit and show leadership by setting science-based targets to decarbonise its own economy.

To keep up to date with our international climate campaign, you can:


Plea by Naderev M. Sano of the Phillipines in AWG-KP final session COP 18 Doha, by DavidLeeWilsonYT