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The Bee Cause calls on the Government to show real commitment to reversing bee decline. The urgent priorities include securing a permanent EU ban on bee-harming pesticides known as ‘neonicotinoids’ and delivering a strong National Pollinator Strategy.

Our bees are in crisis

They've lost much of their natural habitat in the past 60 years, including 98 per cent of wildflower meadows. They're also under assault from pesticides, intensive farming and climate change.

The Government must act now

Friends of the Earth has secured Pollinator Strategies for Wales in 2013, and England in 2014. We're also part of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, launched in 2015. Now we need your help to make sure our politicians deliver on their promises, and take a lead in helping our bees thrive. 

Create bee-friendly spaces

Together with political action, there’s plenty we can all do to help bees in a practical way.To find out more about what people in your neighbourhood are doing to create habitats for bees and pollinators, zoom in to our Bees Map below.

You too can make a difference. Try these easy bee-friendly actions or order our Bee Saver Kit, and join the generation that saves our bees. 


Tips for exploring the map

Enter your postcode on the map above to skip straight to your street. You can also tick or untick the boxes floating over the map to show more or less detail.

Here’s a bit more about what the map icons mean:


Bee & Bees

Bees don't just need wildflowers, they need water and nesting space too. Pledge to create a bed and breakfast for bees today and we'll send you a free online info pack.


Your Stories

Read the bee-saving stories people like you have added to our map. And why not add your own?

Map Marker Bee Worlds

Bee Worlds

Bee Worlds are larger wildflower spaces that have been created by community groups, businesses and more. If you know a site that would make a good Bee World, you can apply here.

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Bee Saver Kit seeds planted

Last year tens of thousands of you helped us cover the UK in wildflowers to provide vital food and habitat for our bees. Please donate £15 to get your Bee Saver Kit and help bees again this year.